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Author: Trent Richardson (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: October 20, 2011 4:16 PM
Version: 2.4.1
Views: 503,447
Downloads: 3,488
License: Apache License, Version 2


A lightweight cfc capable of driving an entire site, providing dynamic form and query building to process add/edit/delete of forms within a few lines of code. Options provide ability to view all database entries differently and the ability to reorder them. Themes allow you to use your current website theme, use included themes, or easily create a new theme(included are a basic html theme, dojo theme and mobile friendly theme)

Documentation: http://aedcfc.net

**New to Version 2.4**
-MVC Format
-Easily add custom views/controllers
-Easily add different Image Manipulation libraries
-Better validation options
-cleaner html

**New to Version 2.3**
*edit which fields are displayed

**New to Version 2.2**
*mobile friendly theme
*move tree nodes

*tree view - create complex trees for menu's, sitemaps, etc... with aed and move functionality
*move view - to reorder and aed database entires
*default view - standard aed

Image upload capabilities include resizing and creating multiple duplicates. Currently this uses the imagecfc, imagemagick, and cfimage.
Now using themes to easily add javascript frameworks. Also extend a cfc to provide extra functionality like sending emails after and add, edit, or delete or validating form fields.

When using the download link you will need to download a copy of the FCKeditor from fckeditor.net (or get the one off of svn aedCFC_2_1).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!


ColdFusion/Blue Dragon and MSSQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, or Access. Unfortunately this doesn't build your tables for you yet, so for now be sure to read the README.txt to get the table structure required for 'tree' and 'move' views. Blue Dragon seems to work fine except Tree View. Smith Project, Railo, and Oracle db not yet tested.. Volunteers?

Issue Tracker:

1 Shad Belcher Fixed 10/25/06 3:23 PM

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